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Card Making
Here are some of the different types of card making to get you started. There are some great craft books available from David & Charles and Search Press that will help you to explore until you find the one that pleased you the most and suits your creative flair. Card Making is experiencing a great revival and there are numerous paper craft publications available as you will see from the information I have given you on this website.
There are many different kinds of cards making techniques in rubber stamping from simple flat stamping with dye inks, heat embossing with pigment pads and powders to deep embossing and ultra-thick enamelling. Add to that Suze Weinberg’s Melt Art and Tim Holtz’s distressed inks and amazing rubber stamping techniques and you will be hooked forever into this diverse way of making cards. My first cards were in rubber stamping and it remains a favourite of mine. I recommend Sue Nicholls excellent books to start with from David & Charles.
At the other end of the spectrum comes this delicate craft of tracing, embossing, stippling, dorsing and cutting parchment papers in white work. But with the vast range of delicately designed images, beautifully coloured and rainbow parchment papers now available this craft can be taken in a variety of directions. Very relaxing and an addictive way of card making this craft is exceptionally beautiful and always well received in a card.
Embroidery on paper with card and parchment paper is a beautiful way of creating a card. A particular favourite of mine I would recommend you start this craft with is a book by Erica Fortgens – Basics of Embroidery on Paper. I have used this book so much over and over again, even creating my own designs by mixing the patterns given.
The craft books on this type of card are awash with designs for every occasion. An ideal opportunity for cross stitch beginners to practice their skills, a quick way of presenting the quality of your work to your friends and such lovely keepsakes.  I love to receive these cards as I find it too close to do myself.
Take a cut out design and lots of contrasting and complimentary papers and you have a great way to use up left over decorative papers from other types of card making. Search Press have a multitude of great designs and instructions for this fun way of creating good designs. This is one of my favourite fun card making methods.
First started with a few design stencils and a cutting knife and mat this craft has now got over 40 stencils in it’s range. Double sided duo card given a fantastic effect when cut with a craft knife. Look for books in Search Press which are very informative on this craft.
I was taught how to stencil by Judy Joyce herself, of American Tradition Stencils when I owned The Winky Birds Craft Centre in Manchester and it was an unforgettable experience. Whatever medium you use do try pastel chalks for a beautiful effect.
There are great products on the market by Fiskars for embossing but also try light box embossing which also creates lovely effects. Combine embossing with embroidery in Eric Fortgens books for a stunning effect.
There are so many books on the market for this lovely way of creating a unique card. Glass painting stencils and outline stickers are a good way of starting. Available from Design Objectives under the Anita’s brand name this glass paint is good for beginners.
A beautiful way to give friends and family a personal card is to mount your own paintings and artwork and after the occasion it can be framed. What a truly original and cost-effective card.
The market is awash with multi-media card making packages that produce great cards and greetings. I have contributed card verses to one of these diverse card making CD collections for Focus Multi-media.
Last, but certainly not least recycling your Christmas, birthday and special occasion cards is a cost effective way of introducing card making to children and adults especially in groups. You get good practice in cutting, creating and re-inventing an individual card which in these days of saving the earths resources is a great idea. Easy to obtain from friends and family I have spent many happy hours running workshops on re-cycling cards with learning difficulty adults and children. 
Here are some names in crafts offering great advice in books, videos and workshops


Embroidery on Paper


Melt Art


American Stencil Designs




Distressed Inks


Rubber Stamping

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