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There are special starter kits for children and as well as adults, as Parchment Craft attracts even the youngest of crafters to this fascinating pastime. Especially designed patterns are available for the children, whilst adults have a vast choice of patterns ranging from the simpler ones for beginners to the more advanced ones for aficionados of this marvelous craft. All the basic techniques discussed here are shown in great depth in a video and a series of books available from Pergamano called Parchment Craft – the Techniques. 

This series was especially designed for crafters who want to discover the joy of Parchment Craft at their own pace. Each part covers one or more of the techniques in great detail and you will be thrilled with the stunning effects you can achieve right from the start in this captivating craft. Clear text, step by step photos and practice exercises combined with fun patterns and practical tips make these books ones to be treasured and referred to often. They are also an ideal source of reference for the more advanced Parchment Crafters.


There are numerous tools available in the range from a mapping pen, nibs, perforating tools, cutting tools and embossing tools. Each of these tools and their use are clearly explained in the books and patterns available from Pergamano. As you will see from a selection of the available range shown here they all have specific uses and create beautiful borders and intricate work.
To help you keep all of your tools, paintbrushes, pencils and accessories together Pergamano have added to the vast range of their products a handy tool wallet and an amazing tool organiser. These two storage products do not include the contents shown in the above image.


Once you have traced your pattern or design onto the parchment paper and created the desired effect with your Pergamano tools you may wish to add colour to your parchment project. There are several ways to add colour by using any of the following products available from Pergamano.

TINTA INKS are water-based and can be mixed with Pintura and Pinta-Perla Inks to create numerous effects and colours. These inks are used for tracing or painting and have a matt effect.
TINTA PEARL INKS give a nice pearl and glossy effect. They can be mixed with the Tinta Inks to create a different effect and colour.
PINTURA PAINTS are quick drying and have a soft glossy effect. These paints are specially formulated to have an elasticity which prevents cracking during embossing on the parchment.
PINTA PERLA PAINTS have a beautiful mother of pearl appearance. Used alone they give a glossy effect and soft pastel colouring but mixed with the Pintura Paints the options are endless.
PERGA COLORS EXCLUSIVE contains 20 colours which are water-soluble and can be used with or without a paintbrush. The Perga Colors are numbered to correspond to the working descriptions used in the Pergamano Patterns. They make beautiful cards with relatively simple techniques.
PERGA-LINERS COMBI BOX containsPerga-Liners A (Aquarelle) of the same size as the Perga-liners B (Basic). There are an additional 5 new colours: light brown, bordeaux, fuchsia, olive green and light blue, which combine well with the colours of the Perga- Liners A.
DORSO CRAYONS are available in two colour ways. These are oil based pastels with a composition which allows the colour to be evenly spread over the parchment paper. These are used on the reverse of the parchment paper and spread evenly with dorso oil and tissue.


There are presently 12 embossing rulers (Lupers) in the Pergamano range. The Pergamano Magazine M31 contains clear instructions for working with these lupers. The step-by-step pictures form an extra helping hand. As these rulers are transparent you will always be able to see your design as it develops.
The best results are achieved by carefully following the outline of the designs, with the Extra Fine Ball embossing tool. When you trace the lines over again with the Small Ball embossing tool the result will be perfect. The designs get an extra dimension, when you add some shades here and there. This is image shown above is of Pergamano’s Luper 10 depicting Christmas designs. 


The latest technique from Pergamano is ‘Dabbing’ and these new adhesive stencils are ideal as the colour cannot run under the stencil. They can be used more than once and are easily cleaned. Try one and you will want the whole range of the wonderful flexible stencils.


Pergakit is a specialist glue for creating 3D effects on parchment, Perga-Gloss and Perga-Matt are varnishes to add a final touch in a gloss or matt finish. Perga-Soft is a special kind of wax that can be used on the embossing or perforating tools to help them glide through the parchment. Dorso Oil is an especially developed oil, using in small drops on tissue paper, for spreading Dorso Crayons evenly on the parchment paper.  

There is a wealth of patterns, magazines and books available from the Pergamano product range all of these are available from www.buycraftsonline.co.ukThere are many beautiful patterns for cards, gift tags, scrapbook pages, photograph frames, lampshades, Easter and Christmas adornments and so much more. All of the patterns and designs are presented in beautiful Pergamano Magazines and Books covering every conceivable occasion and becoming a highly distinctive collection which you will treasure. 


Pergamano Parchment Papers are available in the basic plain colour in A3, A4 and A5 sizes in handy packs (10 or 25) and bulk packs (250). The weight of this paper is 150gr/m2. Some of these packs come with a free pattern.
Marbled, Rainbow, Fantasy, Coloured, Patterned and Imaged Parchment Papers are also available from Pergamano and the range is vast. There are also pre-printed designs in the Pergamano product range available on parchment paper which can be used flat or 3D relief design such as butterflies, leaves, flowers and Christmas themes in this beautiful range.

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