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Author & Crafter
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Pergamano Techniques


Parchment Craft is a very fascinating and creative way to make original hand made cards, beautiful bookmarks, stunning lampshades, decorative wall hangings, paper flowers and many other charming projects. As parchment paper is very strong, slightly stretchy and does not tear or rip easily it is ideal for paper manipulation in several ways to make attractive craft projects. These properties allow for numerous techniques such as embossing, stippling, perforating, shading and painting which are discussed in more detail below.
The beauty of this enchanting and captivating craft is that it can be done at various different levels which can be adapted to each crafter’s abilities. It is a craft which can be learnt and expanded on, practiced and perfected. Your projects can be as delicate and intricate as you wish to make them or you can create them in a simple white, pure embossed appearance and the craft loses none of it’s beautiful appearance or magic.


Every project begins with the pattern being traced onto the parchment paper using a Pergamano Mapping Pen and Tinta Ink. These lines on the parchment paper are the framework for developing your project by embossing and other techniques.

This technique involves creating a relief in the parchment paper by using Pergamano embossing tools and pads. There are numerous embossing tools available in different sizes and several pads. The tools are used on the back of the parchment paper and as you emboss the grey sheen of the parchment paper turns to a soft white.
The perforating tools are used to create tiny holes in the parchment paper. There are numerous Pergamano Parchment Tools from the single needle to shapes such as hearts, arrows and flowers. These are used with mats and grids beneath the parchment paper.
Stippling is an effect created by the 1 needle tool making very fine raised dots in the parchment paper. Used on the reverse of the paper this hammering of the tool evenly and closely together creates an especially beautiful effect on the project and is highly recommended.
One of the most characteristic techniques of Parchment Craft is achieved by cutting with various tools to create crosses, slots and larger decorative shapes creating delicate lacy areas. There are endless designs and effects that can be created by the cutting technique.
Dorsing is a technique to add colour to the grey parchment paper. The reverse of the paper is shaded by Dorso chalks, which are then spread evenly by Dorso oil and tissue. This creates endless colour possibilities by way of blending.
A beautiful way of finishing off any project painting on parchment is one of the more difficult techniques but one well worth perfecting if coloured parchment projects are your preference. The products available for this enchanting technique that brings a project to life are Pergamano Tinta Inks, Pintura Paints, Pinta-Perla Paint, Perga Colours Exclusive and Perga Liner Pencils. All of these products are discussed in detail in our section entitled Pergamano Colour.

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