Judith Wibberley
Author & Crafter
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Just the Right Words

A beautiful collection of original card makers verses
and illustrations with poignant words for every occasion, written especially for handmade card makers and for those who wish to add an extra special personal touch to an otherwise blank card.  Amongst the everyday greetings and salutations especially written for this book you will find extra-special verses written straight from the heart, with words that were inspired by treasured moments spent with special friends and dearest relatives some present, some past, who brought colour, comfort and love into the author’s life.  These heartfelt and sometimes touching card verses capture and express many moments, thoughts, feelings and emotions not found in conventionally produced greeting cards for the mass market.  They will bring life to any specially created handmade card, they will add the final touch of elegance and expression to your work of art but above all these original verses will bring joy to your heart, a smile to your face and be an invaluable point of reference for your card crafting and greeting needs.

The book is dedicated to Judith's father JAMES FREDERICK BURGESS 

Published in June 2007
ISBN Number: 13:978-0-7153-2636-7 from craft publishers David & Charles 
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This is a collection of sayings and verses, suitable for a huge number of applications, and they are gathered in occasion-themed chapters. The pages are sprinkled with motifs and simple illustrations which can be copied and applied to pages and cards. Texts vary from witty or poignant one-liners to inspirational or heart-felt verses. Whatever you want to say, say it with the help of this charming and entertaining book.
Whether they're embroidering a sampler for a new baby, creating a hand-crafted greeting card for a married couple, or remembering a favorite anniversary on the pages of a scrapbook, crafters are continually looking for the perfect words to mark the occasion. With this handy guide, they'll find them right at their fingertips. From witty and poignant one-liners to inspirational and heart-felt verses, this book provides a spectrum of perfect phrases for any occasion.
FROM: Ginny Farrar, Worksop
I will treasure this book and get a lot of pleasure and enjoyment from it. Would you please inform me when the second book is due, hopefully it may well be issued as a CD Rom for us crafter's.

FROM: Susan Webb, Huntingdon
I have been waiting a long time for this book to be published.

FROM: Deborah Wibberley, Manchester
The book looks great!!!!  I think you'll sell squillions and squillions!!!  Well done  Mum!!
FROM John, Devon
(1) That is really lovely, its brought tears to my eyes, but every word is so true......you are just fantastic how you put your words together, I wished I had that talent. (2)
Thank you very much for the verses, they are all really wonderful. I owe you more than just a cup of tea.... (3) Thank you so much for the verses they were really appreciated by both of us, I promise I will buy your book when it comes on sale and I want a personally autographed copy.
FROM Su Marshall, Leicester
I preordered YOUR BOOK on Amazon last night. Have printed out the page to show anyone who will listen that my friend has got her book published.

FROM: Sandra Walton, Yorkshire
Congratulations on the publication of your book, I am certain it will be of great interest to many people as card making seems to be very popular.
Joan O'Leary, Blackpool
Looking forward to the second book and wishing you well with all of your writing.
FROM: Megan Todd, South Africa
Alan has just shown me your book and it is absolutely fabulous – love every message.
Please let me know when the next one is out so that I can order.
PS - going to be the talk of the town with the cards I am going to create with the help of your book

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