Judith Wibberley
Author & Crafter
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Original Verses to read

Original Verses to read

I hope you enjoy reading these verses written for card makers and scrap bookers.
 Feel free to use them in your paper crafting with my love and blessings.
I may not always tell you
What I’m feeling deep inside
The emotions and the feelings
That I sometimes tend to hide
But I’m really proud and pleased
To know that you are mine
And I hope that you still love me
My Darling Valentine
Special Wishes on Father’s Day
You may not be my Father
But you’re certainly my Dad
Someone I can rely on
When life seems really bad
To cheer me up and tell me
That I’m special and I know
You truly care and love me
And for that I love you so
For all the times you worried
And for all the times you cared
For all the times we got upset
And for all the joys we shared
For each and every moment
And for every single day
For times you picked me up again
When I’d fallen on the way
I’d like to tell you Mother
Just how much it really means
To always have you there for me
Supporting all my dreams
To a wonderful Mother
It seems like only yesterday
You wiped away my tears
Helped me grow and watched me play
What happened to those years
Now children I have of my own
Content and happy too
With grandchildren who love me
And it’s all because of you
You really started something
When you fell in love with Dad
You are the perfect parents
And for that I’m really glad
Hope your Mother’s Day is as wonderful as you
We wish you every success
In your new job far away
It won’t be the same without you
For you brightened up the day
You filled the place with kindness
Brought a smile upon each face
You will be leave a void behind you
It will be hard to fill that space


A child’s smile is
One of life’s
 Greatest blessings
A child’s love is
A joy beyond compare
On this special day
Give thanks to the Lord
For bestowing this treasure
Into your safe keeping
For touching your life
With a miracle


May you feel the Lord’s presence
Not only at Easter, but always
For He revives the earth each springtime
And paints it in a rainbow of His love
To show us that the simple things in life
Can bring us joy beyond compare
As you take on this Commitment
Hold each other close and say
All the words you will remember
Forever and a day
May your life be blessed with sunshine
That shines down from above
With rainbows to surround you
In a circle made of love
You may not be my parents
But to me you’re ‘Mum and Dad’
So at this special time of year
It makes me really glad
To send to both of you my love
For all the years we’ve shared
You were truly sent from God above
The way you really cared
When I was down you picked me up
When sad, you made me smile
And if everything seemed lost to me
You went that extra mile
For everything you did for me
My love to both of you
Special thoughts for Christmas Day
And throughout your lifetime too
For a truly lovely Step-Father
Who always gives his time
To make us a happy family
So glad that you are mine
Special Christmas wishes
Love and joy are sent to you
So New Year brings good luck
Makes all your dreams come true


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